Cheryl Renée Long

Artist’s Statement

My slogan is "Protect What You Love"   I love the natural world and my  art
is intended  to remind people of their own love for  nature. 

I create watercolor paintings from my studio in Seattle, Washington, USA.
I am on the road a lot and my art  reflects my many travels with
my husband Tom and our Golden Retriever, Juneau. My art reflects my lifetime in the
American west and my fascination with birds and our remarkable desert,
mountain,  forest and sea landscape.

My spiritual practice ties in with the natural world and it 
includes a healing energy form called Attunement. My paintings are
infused with Attunement energy, love and joy as well
as careful observation of the natural world. 
I offer my patrons paintings that can remind them of their own story
and their own experiences.

My work is strongly inspired by collaborative efforts with
artist/digital story teller Sandy Brown Jensen
and artist/poet
Peter John Jensen. I teach watercolor to adults with classes ongoing throughout the year.
I love my students and I am proud of their progress as artists.

My art is purchased by collectors worldwide and
I accept commissions for publication and custom artwork.